Toddler Bed DREAM BIG 70 x 140 cm White

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All Nuki products are handcrafted and available in wide range of colors.

The bed base is also made entirely of plywood.

"Dream Big" is a bed of plywood made of wood, adapted with its size to the needs of preschool children, school age and teenagers. The bed base is also made entirely of plywood, which gives the bed excellent strength (up to several dozen kg load capacity).

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology, the NUKI plywood bed has almost inconspicuous fixtures, making it light and delicate. Its minimalist character makes it ideal for adolescents children's bedroom.

The Dream Big bed is a product that has been manually sanded and painted with water-based paints that are safe for the child. We attach particular importance to the safety of the smallest users, which is why all the edges of the furniture are rounded.

Available size: 70x140 cm
Wood: plywood