Bed Bumper Velvet Powder Pink

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Let Your Baby feel safe.
Made of Velvet & anti-allergic, breathable silicone fabric filling.
Dimensions: 25 cm x 210 cm. Made in Europe.

A beautiful and stylish Velvet bed bumper. Thick and quilted on both its sides. The baby can now move around freely, as the bumper will provide the much needed protection inside the crib.
This double-sided cotton bumper pad is suitable for standard baby cots. It is fastened to the bed with the help of strings on the the top and bottom.

Recommended Age: 0 – 12 months or longer.

- the outer material: soft Velvet 100% polyester of the highest quality (uniquely textured, anti-allergic, breathable and resistant to wear and tear);
- the filling: antiallergic silicone non-woven fabric.
The filling is sewn into the outer layers, so that is does not shift and change its desired position during regular usage and washing;

- total length 210 cm;
- total hight 25 cm;

Producer: La Millou; made in Europe.

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