Bamboo Bed Pillow 40 x 60 cm `Wild Blossom`

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The pillow is flat and perfect for babies. It's made of 100% bamboo yarn.

The Baby Bamboo Pillow is the ideal product for all of you "bamboo mists" fans out there.

The pillow is flat and perfect for all babies. A pillow is perfect for a hot weather, made of 100% bamboo fabric. Soft and breathable fabric prevents overheating of the baby. Universal size, suitable for any child. You can pick a bamboo wrap to the set.

The soft and breathable material prevents the baby from overheating - especially recommended for the little ones with gentle skin. The bamboo fabric will prevent the baby from irritating its skin and overly sweating during high temperatures. Now you can walk in even the hottest of weathers. The pillow can work as a set with our other products.

Dimensions: 40x60 cm, (+/- 2 cm)