Baby mattress H1 POLA 70 x 140 cm

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POLA mattress is a combination of ComfortBase foam (polyurethane - 5 cm high), FlexyLatex foam (4 cm thick) and 5 cm PerfectSuite foam (VISCO/memory). It is a soft model, which perfectly supports the child's spine.

Mattress with two hardnesses - from the side of ComfortBase foam (polyurethane) it is a medium-hard H2 model. The side with FlexyLatex and PerfectSuite foam (VISCO/memory) is H1 soft side.

DormiaMedicottSilver Activ100% polyester

75% Cotton

25% Polyester

33% Tencel

2% Cotton

64% Polyamide

1% Silver thread

TYPE: Latex & Foam


FIRMNESS: Soft / Medium

DOUBLE-SIDED: can be used on both sides. This option extends the lifespan of the mattress.

ANTI-ALERGIC: free of harmful substances, and its surface inhibits the development of pathogenic microorganisms.

LATEX PULSE: innovative latex with a homogeneous structure. It is extremely durable, resilient, breathable and resistant to damage. This type of latex is manufactured using the ecological SonoCore technology, which cuts the consumption of energy by two-thirds.

POLYURETHANE FOAM: the most popular base foam used in the production of mattresses. This material is lightweight, durable and resistant to damage. The density of the foam varies and is chosen in line with the design of a particular mattress.

40° WASH: mattress cover can be washed at 40°C.

VENTILATION: Products with optimum air flow thanks to the use of special ventilation bands or a specific design of the core.

SEPARABLE ZIPPER: the cover has a separable zipper which that allows the material to be separated into two parts.

SIDES WITH DIFFERENT FIRMNESS: the sides of the mattress are of different firmness. The two sides with different firmness make the mattress more versatile.