Data Protection

This Privacy Policy applies to Unique Store GmbH.

If any contradictions arise between this Privacy Policy and the otherwise applicable terms and conditions of the Unique Store GmbH, the provisions of this Privacy Policy shall prevail.

Privacy is a matter of trust and your trust is important to us. We respect your personality and privacy. We also want to ensure the protection and lawful processing of your personal data.

It is important to us that you agree to the processing of your personal data. With this privacy policy we inform you comprehensively about our data processing methods. And you decide if you want to process your personal data.

This privacy policy covers both historical and future personal information. If you consent to the processing of your personal data, we will not only process the personal data you collect in the future in accordance with this privacy policy, but also your personal data already stored by us.

When we talk about the processing of your personal data in this privacy policy, we mean any handling of your personal data. These include, for example:

•   The collection,

•   Storage,

•   Administration,

•   Terms,

•   Transmission,

•   Announcement or

•   Deletion of your personal data.

We collect personal information to provide better services to our customers. We are convinced that aligning our activities with the wishes and needs of our customers should make your daily life easier. Better services can be:

•   Alignment of the product range to customer needs

•   Personalize customer communications so you can find offers that fit your needs and receive less advertising overall

•   Simplify procedures, such as purchases or bookings, to help you get there faster


1. How do we protect your personal information?

We have technical and organizational security procedures to safeguard the security of your personal information and to protect your session data and personal data against unauthorized or unlawful processing and / or accidental loss, alteration, disclosure or access. However, you should always be aware that the transmission of information via the Internet and other electronic means carries certain security risks and that we can not guarantee the security of information transmitted in this way.


2. How long do we keep data?

We will retain your personal information for as long as we deem necessary or appropriate to comply with applicable law or as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. We will delete your personal data as soon as it is no longer needed and in any case after expiry of the statutory maximum retention period.


3. What rights do you have with respect to your personal data?

You have the right to assert your privacy rights at any time and to receive information about your personal data stored, to correct your personal data, to supplement, to oppose the processing of your personal data or to request the deletion of your personal data. The contact options can be found in section 4 below. We reserve the right to correspond with you electronically (in particular by e-mail) in this connection.


4. How can you contact us?

If you would like to assert your rights with regard to your personal data or have questions or concerns regarding the processing of our personal data, you can contact us as follows: Home / Contact. We will do our best to answer your questions or concerns immediately upon receipt.


5. Who owns the data collection?

We are required by law to provide you with the owner of the data collection with your personal data. The owner of the data collection is the Unique Store GmbH.


6. When do we collect personal information?

We collect your personal data whenever we have contact with you. The situations in which we have contact with you are manifold. For example, we collect your personal information in the following circumstances:

•   You visit our shops or other premises;

•   You purchase our goods or services in our stores or through our Internet pages;

•   You use a service of our customer service;

•   You register a product or service purchased from us;

•   You receive a newsletter or other advertising about our goods and services;

•   You participate in one of our market research actions or opinion polls;

•   You use or communicate with us or third parties through our Internet sites, mobile device apps, or offers on Internet platforms, multimedia portals, or social networks;

•   You communicate with us by telephone, facsimile, e-mail, voice messages, text messages (SMS), picture messages (MMS), video messages or instant messaging;

•   You contact us on special occasions such as events, promotional events, sponsoring events or cultural and sporting events.


7. What personal data do we collect?

The collected personal data are just as varied. On the one hand, we collect personal data that you provide to us. On the other hand, we collect personal data that is collected automatically or manually when you contact us, such as:

•   Personal Data

•   Name and first name;

•   Birthday and age;

•   Gender;

•   Residential address;

•   Household size;

•   Shopping habits;

•   Information on purchasing power;

•   Customer and purchasing preferences;

•   Delivery address;

•   Billing address;

•   Credit card and account information;

•   Language preferences;

•   Telephone number (s);

•   Email address (s);

•   Identification numbers of your technical devices;

•   Information on subscribed newsletters or other advertising;

•   Consent for receiving advertising;

•   Online customer account information (including opening date, user name, profile pictures);


8. Why do we process personal data?

We process your personal data for different purposes. These purposes can be grouped into different groups. In particular, we may process your personal data, in whole or in part, for one or more of the following purposes:

8.1 Processing purposes in connection with our goods and services

•   Provision and sale of our goods and services;

•   Processing orders and contracts, including sending order and shipping confirmations, delivery confirmations, delivery and billing;

•   Organizing and conducting after-sales services;

•   Organizing and conducting market research and opinion polls;

•   Verification of customer creditworthiness.

8.2 Processing purposes in connection with customer communication

•   Provision, administration and execution of customer communications by mail and electronic means of communication;

•   Business communication by mail and by telephone, fax, e-mail, voicemail, text messaging (SMS), picture messaging (MMS), video messaging or instant messaging;

•   Evaluation of the use of our offers by telephone, fax, e-mail, voice messages, text messages (SMS), picture messages (MMS) or instant messaging such as: type of use, frequency and duration of use, exact location of use.

8.3 Processing Purposes related to Special Activities and Occasions

•   Organizing and conducting contests or sweepstakes, including notifying and publishing winners through our web sites, mobile device apps or our offers on Internet platforms, multimedia portals or social networks;

•   Organization and organization of special events such as events, promotional events, sponsoring events, cultural and sporting events.

8.4 Processing purposes in connection with the analysis of customer behavior

•   Optimization of locations and product offerings in our stores. This is done by individualized and personal, but also anonymous and group-related recording and evaluation of the historical and current customer and buying behavior in our shops or other premises - including creation and analysis of location data, movement profiles and basket analysis;

•   Individualized and personal or anonymous and group-related recording and evaluation of historical and current customer and buying behavior when using the offers on our Internet pages, apps for mobile devices or on Internet platforms, multimedia portals or social networks;

•   Individualized and personal or anonymous and group-based identification, classification and analysis of current and potential customer needs and customer interests;

•   Individualized and personal or anonymous and group-related classification and analysis of customer behavior and customer potential;

•   Statistical evaluation of customer behavior on the basis of anonymous customer data.

8.5 Editing related to direct marketing

•   Simplification of processes - such as purchases or bookings - and use of lessons learned from customer behavior analysis to continuously improve all product and service offerings;

•   Avoiding unnecessary advertising through insight from customer behavior analysis for individualized and personalized direct marketing;

•   Sending individualized and personalized advertisements by post or by telephone, fax, e-mail, voicemail, text messaging (SMS), picture messaging (MMS), video messaging or instant messaging;

•   Individualized and personalized customization of offers and advertising on our websites, apps for mobile devices or on our channels on Internet platforms, multimedia portals or social networks.


9. Who do you share your personal information with?

We may disclose your personal information if we believe it is necessary to comply with applicable laws and regulations, in court proceedings, at the request of the relevant courts and authorities, or in other legal obligations to protect and defend our rights or property.


10. How do we use cookies?

On our Internet pages we also use so-called cookies. These are small files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you use one of our internet sites. We also want to inform you about our use of cookies.

10.1 Why do we use cookies?

The cookies we use initially serve to ensure the functions of our Internet sites - such as the goods basket functionality. In addition, we use cookies to customize our Internet offerings to your wishes and to make surfing with us as comfortable as possible. We also use cookies to optimize our advertising. With cookies, we can present you advertising and / or special goods and services that may be of particular interest to you due to your use of our website. Our goal is to make our Internet offer as attractive as possible for you and to present you advertising that suits your interests.

10.2 Which cookies do we use?

Most of the cookies we use are automatically deleted from your computer or mobile device after the end of the browser session (so-called session cookies). For example, we use session cookies to store your country and language preferences and your shopping cart across different pages of an Internet session.

In addition, we also use temporary or permanent cookies. These will remain on your computer or mobile device after the end of the browser session. On another visit to one of our Internet pages will then automatically recognize which inputs and settings you prefer. Depending on the type of cookie, these temporary or permanent cookies are stored on your computer or mobile device for between one and ten years and are automatically deactivated after the programmed time has elapsed. They serve to make our Internet pages more user-friendly, effective and secure. Thanks to these cookies, you can, for example, display information tailored to your interests on the page.

10.3 What data is stored in the cookies?

The cookies we use do not store personal information. The cookies we use can not be assigned to any particular person. When a cookie is activated, it is assigned an identification number.

10.4 How can you prevent the storage of cookies?

Most internet browsers accept cookies automatically. However, you can instruct your browser not to accept cookies or to ask you before accepting a cookie from an Internet site you have visited. You can also delete cookies on your computer or mobile device by using the corresponding function of your browser. If you decide not to accept our cookies or the cookies of our affiliates, you will not be able to see certain information on our web pages and will not be able to use some features designed to improve your visit.


11. How do we use log files?

For every access to our Internet pages, certain usage data are transmitted to us by our Internet browser for technical reasons and stored in log files, the so-called log files. These are the following usage data: Date and time of retrieval of our Internet site; Name of the visited Internet site; IP address of your computer or mobile device; Address of the website from which you came to our website; transferred amount of data, as well as name and version of your browser.

The evaluation of the log files helps us to further improve our Internet offerings and make them more user-friendly, to find and fix errors faster and to control server capacities. Using the log files, we can determine at what time the use of our Internet offers is particularly popular and provide adequate data volume to ensure the best possible use.


12. How do we use web analytics tools?

In order to constantly improve and optimize our Internet offer, we use so-called tracking technologies. Web analytics tools provide us with statistics and graphs that help us understand how to use our web pages. The data on the use of an Internet page are transmitted to the server used for this purpose. Depending on the provider of a web analysis tool, these servers can be abroad. For the most commonly used web analytics tool, Google Analytics, this data is transmitted including shortened IP addresses, which prevents the identification of individual devices. Google complies with the data protection provisions of the "Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield" agreement and has contacted the US Department of Commerce for the "Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield (for information on the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield, see The IP address provided by Google Analytics as part of Google Analytics will not be merged with other Google data. A transfer of this data by Google to third parties takes place only due to legal regulations or in the context of order data processing.

You can prevent the collection by Google of the data generated by cookies and related to your use of the Internet site (including your IP address) and the processing of this data by Google by using the link below (http: // tools / dlpage / gaoptout) Download and install the available browser plugin. For more information about Google Analytics and privacy, visit or


13. How do we use social plugins?

Our internet sites use social plugins, e.g. from Facebook, Twitter or Google+. The plugins are marked with the logo of the provider and can e.g. "Like" Buttons or a Twitter Button or Google+ Button.

If you visit our Internet pages that contain such a plugin, your browser establishes a direct connection to the computers of the provider. The content of the plugin is transmitted by the offering side directly to your browser and integrated by this into the Internet site. By integrating the plugins, the provider receives the information that you have accessed our website. If you are simultaneously logged in to the provider, the provider can assign the visit to your profile. If you interact with the plugins - for example, press the "Like" button or leave a comment - the corresponding information is transmitted directly from your browser to the provider and stored there.

If you do not want the provider to collect data about you via our Internet site, you must log out of the provider before visiting our Internet site. Even in the logged-out state, providers use the social plug-ins to anonymously collect data and set a cookie. If you log in to the provider at a later date, these data can be assigned to your profile.

Will a login via a social login service - e.g. Facebook Connect - offered, are exchanged between the provider and our Internet site data. For example, on Facebook Connect, this can be data from your public Facebook profile. By using such login services, you consent to the transfer of data.

For the purpose and scope of the data collection and the further processing of your data by the provider as well as your related rights and setting options for the protection of your privacy, please refer to the privacy policy of the provider.

Facebook Ireland Ltd. or Facebook Inc.:

Google Inc.:

Twitter Inc.:

If you do not want providers to collect information about you through these cookies, you can choose to block third-party cookies in your browser settings. Then the browser does not send cookies to the server for embedded content from other providers. With this setting, other features of our website may not work.

On this website, technologies of etracker GmbH ( collect and store data in anonymous form for marketing and optimization purposes. From this data, user profiles are created under a pseudonym. For this purpose, cookies can be used, which however collect and store data exclusively in pseudonymous form. The data will not be used to personally identify the visitor to this website and will not be merged with data about the bearer of the pseudonym. Data collection and storage may be objected to at any time with future effect.